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farm Churchill Heath Farm

Welcome to my work experience journal. My placement was at Blue Smarty, a web design company based in Kingham, on the lovely Churchill Heath Farm (see right). Here is my diary:

Day 1:

On the first day of my placement, I was tasked with creating a list of all the domain names owned by the company, along with their expiry date and when the customer needed to be invoiced. This allowed me to really improve my skills with spreadsheets, as well as my understanding of how web domains work on the back-end.

Day 2:

The second day started with a continuation of the first: compiling domain name data, but soon transitioned into hosting. This really helped, as it allowed me to see and understand how and why websites are hosted in different situations and for different reasons. This will be useful in my Computer Science lessons, as well as any continuation of this line of work I may or may not decide to pursue in the future

Day 3:

Wednesday started off with me finishing the previous day's work, but I soon found myself tasked with a small space on the web to design a site for. I started by looking at HTML and creating a basic page with that, but soon decided I needed more. I began to dive into CSS, which allowed me to create a stylesheet for the site. This gave me amazing creative freedom, which can be seen in almost all of the more intricate elements of the page (the fixed navigation bar, the styled forms, the header, and the footer).

site This website

Day 4:

I began the day by giving the site a slight design overhaul, changing colours, fonts, and placements around. I then looked into creating a feedback form for the page, so any visistors could contact me through email. I created the text fields and button using HTML and styled them with CSS, but they didn't do anything interesting, just sat there looking empty. So I started looking into allowing the user to send an email to me through the form and, after deducing this wouldn't be possible with just HTML and CSS, decided to look into PHP. PHP is a server-side scripting language, meaning it can perform functions from the web server. Although I didn't get it working on Thursday, Friday would be more successful.

Day 5:

The final day was the start of the great struggle for the email form. I looked into how PHP handles forms and their input, and attempted to create an email form on my own. This, however, proved inexplicably difficult. I ran into issue after issue, error after error, and, after hours of no progress, was ready to give up. However, at the last moment, I found a way. The form worked! So I added another form, which allowed me to have separate subject fields for different forms, and then, I wrote this. And then I don't know what happened, because it's in the future.

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